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Who We Are

Since 1972, Keith and Schnars (K&S) has grown to become one of Florida's most experienced engineering consulting firms in the state, offering a diverse set of specialties in the fields of engineering, land surveying, planning, public involvement/outreach, landscape architecture, and environmental science.

The firm enjoys an excellent reputation for its technical innovation and award-winning designs.  Our depth of experience and extensive capabilities allow the firm to undertake a full range of challenging projects and meet complex requirements
from planning to construction.

The company strives to retain a small firm feel and personal approach, while serving as one of Florida's largest and most influential industry leaders. This unique and delicate balance is special.  It allows the firm to apply an inspired approach to problem-solving, and rely on its vast technical and functional expertise to implement change. K&S possesses extraordinary industry reach and experience, but is dedicated to providing detailed, specialized care to each individual client. We combine insight with knowledge gained over the course of nearly half a century.

Why K&S?

There is a reason why K&S has a vast collection of repeat clients. Our firm is a difference maker – inspiring change by translating its vision into reality.  We are dedicated to our clients and faithful to the diverse stakeholders we serve.

K&S has remained loyal to its esteemed corporate heritage, while endeavoring to evolve and reimagine itself to address the complex needs of the 21st century marketplace.  We serve a distinguished list of public and private sector clients with efficiency and economy.  K&S is uniquely qualified to help organizations make impactful change. We consistently exceed our clients' expectations, allowing us to build enduring relationships. We create value for our clients, while reducing their overall project costs.

Our client base at is extremely diverse. Our clientele includes private developers, municipalities, contractors, architects, utility companies, state agencies and an impressive number of City and County governments. Our work with FDOT in particular has brought us a great deal of industry recognition. Our Executive Vice President of Production, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vice President of Transportation and Director of Transportation Planning all spent their formative years with FDOT.

K&S prides itself in its ability to serve your needs on time and within budget. Dedication to timely and cost-efficient delivery of services is evident by decades of repeat business, and the following major client study: The Florida Department of Transportation found in their summary of design overruns (time and money), that K&S ranked among the best of more than 200 firms.  Over the 6-year period studied, K&S designed and surveyed 12 projects for which average cost overrun was only 4%, and average construction time overrun was 1%. No other firm in the study completed this volume of work and maintained such low overruns in cost and time.